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Captain Edward Little Award : Awarded annually to the junior River Rat most personifying the spirit of helpfulness, cooperation and enthusiasm displayed by captain Edward Little (1875-1955), skipper of one of the last steamers to put in at the Port of fair Haven.

Mayor's Award : Awarded annually to the junior River Rat showing the greatest all-around achievement and improvement for the year.

Commodore's Award : Awarded annually to the family doing the most for the advancement and development of River Rats during the year.


Award Recipients


Captain Edward
Little Award

Mayor's Award


Nora Doonan
Charlotte Cade
Doonan Family
John Phelan
Ryan Acacia


Billy Perkins

Joey Laughinghouse

Dave Christophe


Grant Giftos

Pierson Dey

Lora & Giuseppe Sgroi


Steven Edler

Grant Giftos

Nancy Gravina


Steven Spernal

Liam Swanzey

Frank Munn



Steven Spernal
William Boyce-Blanchard
Meehan Family
Casey Taylor
Patrick Jaeckel
Noll Family 


Tim Sullivan
Lucy Humprey
Pfautz Family

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